Web Applications

Turning your  ideas into, seamless web application
We excel at turning your bespoke business concepts into cutting-edge web applications. With a track record of delivering excellence and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, we specialize in crafting high-quality, tailored web solutions across diverse tech verticals.

Adapting to evolving client needs, our adept team of web developers ensures a seamless and secure online experience. Drawing on our extensive industry knowledge and technological prowess, we assist clients in creating innovative, user-friendly web applications that redefine customer engagement and elevate business agility.
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Our Capabilities

Enterprise apps

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In today's rapidly evolving technology landscape, enterprise web applications have become the backbone of modern businesses.We develop robust, feature-rich, and highly scalable enterprise applications which are designed to meet the complex needs of organisations, providing them with powerful tools to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive growth.

Ecommerce apps

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In today's competitive market, a powerful e-commerce app is paramount for success. Our e-commerce application development services offer tailored solutions to drive your business forward. We cover all the critical aspects of e-commerce app such as mobile optimisation, intuitive UI/UX, secure payment processing, and GDPR compliance.

Custom web apps

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A unique and tailored web application can be the cornerstone of your business's success. Our custom web app development services are designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring a seamless user experience and optimal performance. We provide tailored solutions built with cutting edge technologies, with user centric design and cross platform compatibility.

SaaS web apps

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SaaS web app development has revolutionised the way businesses operate, offering flexible, accessible, and cost-efficient solutions. Partnering with us, you can leverage the power of cloud-based applications to streamline operations and drive growth in the digital age. SaaS development involves creating software that is hosted on the cloud and accessible through a web browser, eliminating the need for complex installations and updates.

Low Code apps

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Low code platforms offer a rapid and cost-effective way to develop applications. We specialise in providing top-notch low code / no code app development services. Our team of skilled professionals is proficient in leading platforms like Outsystems, AppSmith, Bubble, SAP Build, and more. These solutions empower businesses to transform ideas into functional software, reducing development time and costs significantly.

Scale, growth and optimize
as fast as you need to.

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Why Us

Trusted experts with years of experience and industry accreditations

At logicbric, we don’t just work; we create.

We are a team of passionate technologists, developers, and engineers who thrive on innovation. We believe in the power of collaboration, working hand-in-hand with partners and even competitors to drive positive change in the world through technology, infrastructure, software, and consulting.

If you’re on a quest to make the world work better, to transform ‘what if’ into ‘what is,’ then we’re here to collaborate with you.

Our mission is to empower every creator to turn their dreams into reality. Let’s embark on a journey together and create something that has the potential to change everything.

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Serving a thriving community of satisfied customers.


A dedicated team of tech experts at your service.

Years of experience

as a proven tech expertise.


Serving a thriving community of satisfied customers.
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Client Success

Our mission: complete client success

When it comes to digital transformation, why settle for a vendor when what you need is a partner? Someone who understands your industry and your company and how to execute your strategy efficiently and completely.

Empowering Sneaker Reselling, Building a Custom Marketplace Platform

Discover how Logicbric transformed sneaker reselling with a custom marketplace platform, driving growth and user satisfaction

Street light management software for Gujarat Government, India

Discover how a local contractor modernized Gujarat's street lighting infrastructure with remote LED control software, with the help of Logicbric.

ITSM Data Management for a Healthcare Client

Discover our ITSM Data Management case study for healthcare, focusing on Azure integration, Power BI insights, and key KPIs for enhanced service.

Enhancing Organizational Efficiency through an Innovative Talent Management Portal

See how a custom AppSmith talent portal revolutionized HR, enhancing efficiency and decision-making in a US firm

Implementation of AI Web Component Builder using Generative AI

Explore an AI-driven web development case study, showcasing a 40% faster process and improved user engagement.

Quick and easy batch scheduling

Discover how a Texas-based education provider revolutionized its operational efficiency with a custom solution developed on the OutSy...

Real-time Monitoring System Using IOT & ML

A prominent SCADA manufacturer in Australia approached our team with a unique challenge. Their electric panels, scattered throughout the nation..

Marketplace platform to sell online course using accelerated software development

Explore how we utilized the low-code capabilities of Outsystems to swiftly develop a personal educator platform, enabling educators to effectively sel

Intelligent Refactoring and Enhancement Suite

Learn how our Intelligent Refactoring and Enhancement Suite helped one company cut costs, enhance code quality, and stay competitive. Expl..

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