What is Accelerated Software Development ?

Discover the principles and benefits of accelerated software development. Learn how logicbric's approach can expedite software delivery without compromising quality.


In today's fast-paced world, businesses require efficient and rapid software development to stay ahead of the competition. Accelerated software development (ASD) is a methodology that aims to expedite the process of building and delivering software products without compromising quality. This approach emphasizes speed, adaptability, and collaboration to achieve optimal results within shorter timeframes.

Key Principles of Accelerated Software Development

1. Agile Methodologies
Agile methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban, form the basis of accelerated software development. These methodologies promote iterative and incremental development, allowing for flexibility and adapting to changing requirements. Regular feedback loops enable quick adjustments, ensuring the software meets users' needs.

2. Automation and Tooling
Accelerated software development relies heavily on automation and the use of tools that streamline workflows. DevOps practices, continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) pipelines, automated testing, and code generation are all vital components that help speed up the software development lifecycle.

3. Cross-functional Teams
Cross-functional team collaboration plays a crucial role in accelerated software development. Composed of members from different roles, such as developers, designers, testers, and product owners, these teams work closely together throughout the development process. This collaboration improves communication, decision-making, and accelerates the pace of development.

4. Prioritization and Time-boxing
To ensure accelerated software development, prioritization of features and tasks is essential. Time-boxing techniques, such as sprints or time-limited iterations, help teams focus on delivering the most valuable features within fixed timeframes. This approach prevents unnecessary delays and keeps development on track.

5. Lean and Minimalism
ASD encourages a lean and minimalist mindset. By emphasizing simplicity, teams can concentrate on delivering core functionalities and essential features first, enabling faster time-to-market. This approach also helps reduce unnecessary complexities, leading to more maintainable and scalable codebases.

Benefits of Accelerated Software Development
Using accelerated software development methodologies brings several advantages:

1. Rapid Time-to-Market
By prioritizing speed and efficiency, accelerated software development helps businesses release products faster, gaining a competitive edge in the market. This quick time-to-market allows companies to respond to changing customer demands more effectively.

2. Enhanced Collaboration
Cross-functional teams working closely together foster improved collaboration and communication. This shared understanding of goals and requirements leads to better alignment and outcomes, delivering high-quality software products that meet customer expectations.

3. Increased Agility and Adaptability
ASD methodologies allow for adaptive development, ensuring the software can evolve alongside changing business needs. By incorporating regular feedback loops and iterations, teams can make adjustments swiftly, reducing the risk of building outdated or irrelevant features.

4. Improved Quality
While the focus is on speed, accelerated software development methodologies do not compromise quality. By utilizing automated testing and continuous integration processes, defects are identified early, leading to higher-quality software that is both reliable and scalable.

5. Cost and Resource Efficiency
Accelerated software development minimizes resource wastage by continually prioritizing and re-evaluating project requirements. The iterative approach enables better resource allocation, preventing unnecessary efforts on features that may not add significant value.

Logicbric Approach:

We have been one of the early adopters of Accelerated Software Development (ASD) and have built and delivered more than 20 solutions using our partnered ASD platforms, including OutSystems, Appsmith, Bubble, Appian, and SAP Build. Lear more about our Accelerated software development service

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Conclusion :

accelerated software development is a methodology designed to expedite software delivery without sacrificing quality. By leveraging agile methodologies, automation, cross-functional team collaboration, prioritization techniques, and a lean mindset, businesses can achieve faster time-to-market, improved collaboration, increased adaptability, enhanced software quality, and resource efficiency. These benefits make accelerated software development a valuable approach for businesses seeking agility and success in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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