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Street light management software for Gujarat Government, India

Discover how a local contractor modernized Gujarat's street lighting infrastructure with remote LED control software, with the help of Logicbric.

Client Overview

Our client, a local contractor, was engaged in a project commissioned by the Gujarat Government aimed at modernizing street lighting infrastructure across various municipalities within the state. The objective was to enhance energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve overall management of street lighting systems. The client aimed to achieve these goals through the implementation of advanced technology and software solutions.


The existing street lighting infrastructure in Gujarat faced several challenges including inefficient energy consumption, high maintenance costs, and limited control over illumination levels. The client recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that would enable remote monitoring and management of street lights to address these issues effectively.


The proposed solution involved the deployment of a Street Light Management Software (SLMS) system designed to provide centralized control and monitoring capabilities for the entire street lighting network. The key components of the solution included:

  1. Hardware Installation: Each LED street light was equipped with a node installed on top, allowing for remote communication and control. These nodes were connected in a hierarchical structure with sub-masters and a central master controller.
  2. Communication Network: A robust communication network was established to facilitate seamless communication between the street lights and the central management system. The network utilized wireless technology to enable real-time data transmission and control commands.
  3. Central Management Software: A customized software application was developed to serve as the backbone of the SLMS. The software provided administrators with a user-friendly interface for monitoring street light performance, analyzing energy consumption patterns, and scheduling lighting operations.
  4. Remote Control Functionality: The SLMS allowed administrators to remotely adjust the brightness levels of individual street lights based on factors such as time of day, traffic density, and weather conditions. This dynamic control capability helped optimize energy usage while ensuring adequate illumination for public safety.
  5. Data Analytics and Reporting: The software incorporated advanced analytics tools to analyze historical data and generate insights into lighting patterns, energy consumption trends, and maintenance requirements. Customizable reporting features enabled stakeholders to make informed decisions and optimize resource allocation.

Implementation Process

The implementation process followed a structured approach, beginning with a comprehensive assessment of existing infrastructure and requirements analysis. This was followed by the installation of hardware components, configuration of the communication network, and deployment of the central management software. Rigorous testing and optimization were conducted to ensure seamless integration and functionality across the entire street lighting network.


The implementation of the Street Light Management Software yielded significant benefits for the Gujarat Government and the local municipalities, including:

  1. Energy Efficiency: The SLMS enabled precise control over lighting levels, resulting in substantial energy savings through optimized usage and reduced wastage.
  2. Cost Reduction: By minimizing maintenance efforts and prolonging the lifespan of LED bulbs, the solution helped reduce operational costs associated with street lighting infrastructure.
  3. Enhanced Visibility and Safety: The dynamic control capabilities of the SLMS improved visibility on roads and pedestrian pathways, enhancing public safety and security during nighttime hours.
  4. Data-Driven Decision Making: The availability of real-time data and analytics empowered administrators to make informed decisions regarding lighting operations, resource allocation, and infrastructure planning.
  5. Sustainable Development: The implementation of energy-efficient street lighting solutions aligned with the government's objectives of promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

Conclusion:The successful deployment of the Street Light Management Software represented a significant milestone in the modernization of street lighting infrastructure in Gujarat. By leveraging advanced technology and innovative software solutions, our client was able to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve public safety across various municipalities. The project serves as a testament to the transformative power of technology in addressing critical infrastructure challenges and driving sustainable development initiatives.

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Technologies Used

ASP .NET MVC • C# • WCF • Web API • IIS • SSRS reporting • Crystal Reports • Entity Framework • Microsoft SQL Server • Google maps • Open Street Maps • DevExpress dashboard • Azure MqTT • Azure SignalR • Azure App service • Azure AD and ADB2C Authentication • Azure App services

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